Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Ultimate Birthday Celebration!

It could be simply celebrating summer that makes the Fourth of July one of my favorite holidays. But I think I love it because it’s a celebration of so many things– the birth of a nation, freedom, patriotism, battles won and lost, American life, good times, and food!

This year, I’ve been especially reminded of the importance of patriotism – thanks to my 7 year old son. Earlier this month when he insisted we visit the original Star Spangled Banner in Washington, D.C., I knew we would need to celebrate the Fourth in a big way. That need sent me straight to the web for ideas. So here are a few to spark your imagination. Happy Birthday America!

The light and airy feeling of this invitation by lukecommasara at esty is fun and casual... just like the holiday!

4th of July Cake patriotic

This patriotic cake by Pink Cake Box is dynomite!

If you can't see the real thing (or even if you can), your children will love setting off their own (safe) fireworks! Check out this fun idea from Martha Stewart. Instructions included. has scores of ideas for festive food and beverages this kids will enjoy. This patriotic punch is super easy to make. Recipe include.

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the purple muse said...

Thanks for the great ideas. You saved me time in web research! My baby is one on the 4th so I'm trying to decide what to do for his party:-)