Monday, June 8, 2009

The Cat in the Hat Birthday Celebration!

Oak Mountain State Park was crawling with cats in hats last Sunday afternoon. Crazy cats of all sizes turned out to celebrate Janey’s 6th birthday, designed and hosted by MerryB Events.

Upon arrival, guests were painted up to resemble the Cat in the Hat and given their very own striped hats and bowties. There were a few rounds of “Cat in the Hat Says” before a very special guest arrived during the reading of The Cat in the Hat–it was the Cat himself!

The Cat led fun party games such as the Fish Toss, Mess the Dress, and the Thing 1 & Thing 2 Relay–and managed to cause a little mayhem as expected. Before his departure the Cat presented Janey with a special birthday gift, Dr. Suess’ Happy Birthday to You book and gave each party guest an oversized bubble wand.

Everyone enjoyed the refreshments–goldfish, lemon treats, popcorn and bananas–but all the guests were ready for a treat when Janey blew out the candles on her six layer hat shaped cake!

See more pictures from Janey’s Cat in the Hat Party.


Anonymous said...

Great! Great! Better than the movie!

JenniferM said...

So cute!! I love all the fun named games. I can't believe how many Dr. Suess hats you have. So fun. I bet the kids won't have too many other themed parties pulled off as well as this one!!