Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Host a Sweet Soiree this Valentine’s Day!
(Yes! there's still time!)

Valentine's Day is a few days away, but it’s not too late to host a soiree for your little cherubs. If you’re like me, it’s hard NOT to go over the top. At this late hour, you should focus on what can be realistically accomplished. The kids won’t miss those little touches you don’t have time to execute and you can bet they’ll still have a blast.

You can keep things simple and precious with an afternoon Sweet Treat Buffet between lunch and dinner. Mid-afternoon parties are easy on the wallet and planning is a snap since there’s no need to serve a full meal.

Rely on eVite to get the word out fast. With many themed designs to choose from, eVite is a speedy alternative to printing or making invitations by hand. Be sure to ask guests to dress in festive colors. To create an easy and dramatic tablescape that every little cupid will love, drape a low table or buffet with a pink or white tablecloth. Serve elegant groupings of red, white and pink cookies and cupcakes on white platters and fill glass jars with matching candies like jelly beans, lollipops and conversation hearts.

For ease of distribution and clean up, serve cherry or strawberry juice boxes. At MerryB Events we typically serve flavored waters like Fruit Falls. Pink lemonade is a sweet alternative. If adults will be joining the festivities, have some savory snacks and sodas or wine on hand.

Plan a few activities to keep the children busy. ‘Steal My Heart’ is a fun game that gets a lot of laughs. To play, place a large bowl of conversation hearts at the center of the kitchen table and have the children choose a spot around the table—making sure it isn’t too crowded. Give them each a pair of chopsticks and three minutes to steal as many hearts as they can from the bowl using only the chopsticks – no hands! The child with the most hearts when time runs out wins a Valentine prize and everyone gets to keep the hearts they collected. If you have varying ages, consider dividing up the game into younger and older kids. Simplify the game for the little ones by having them use small plastic spoons instead of chopsticks. A Heart Hunt (like an Easter egg hunt) or Pin the Heart on the Cupid are some other games the kids will enjoy.

Thank your guests from coming by giving them a personalized sweet treat to take home. Grocers have cute Valentine cookies by the dozen or your can place a special order from a local bakery. Wrap the treats in individual cellophane or glassine envelopes and secure with a heart shaped sticker that you’ve customized with each child’s name. Guests will enjoy the party all over again when they indulge in their special party favor.

Best of luck with your last minute celebration! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Photo courtesy of Smooch Photography.

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