Monday, February 23, 2009

Beary Easy Glittery Animal Ears

Several friends who saw pictures of the recent MerryB Event, Peyton’s Teddy Bear Picnic, have been surprised by how easy it was to make the glittery bear ears all the girls we wearing. So I thought I share the directions with you!

First, get pre-glittered foam visors like these (in pink) from your local craft store. These are usually about $1.25 and come ‘ready-to-wear’.

Your guests will be wearing these visors like crowns above the forehead instead of like hats on the forehead so keep that in mind during the following steps.

Next, create a template by tracing an outline of the visor on construction paper and cut it out.

On the visor template, pencil in a sample shape of the ears taking into account distance from one another and positioning on the head. (Hint: put the visor on your child to get approximate placement for the ears). Be sure to keep a connection across the top of the head / between the ears so the template doesn’t fall apart (similar to a girls headband).

Fold the template in half and cut along one side of your pattern, making sure not to cut it entirely in half. This should render a symmetrical template you can use to trim the visors. You may need to repeat this step to get the ears just right.

With the template on top, align the visor and the bear ears template together and fold them both in half. Trim away the excess foam – again making sure to leave a band to connect the ears. You should have a perfectly adorable bear ear shaped visor.

Using a sharpie (I used black, but you could use brown or any other color), sketch the inner ear shape on the glittery ears. I feathered in a few whispy hairs for added effect. And you’re done! Writing these instructions was probably harder than creating the ears.

These directions could be adapted for any number of animals–think cats, horses, bunnies!

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Sylvia Laughrin said...

very cute and sounds really easy to make. thanks for the tips!