Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Miss Out on Baby Bites

Earlier this week, a friend revealed to me that she had never heard of Pastry Art in Homewood, AL. More importantly, this person had never had the pleasure of eating a Baby Bite – those divine little nibbles of single serving cakes Pastry Art prepares every day in a variety of flavors like red velvet, turtle, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and more. Shocking! Appalling! I had to do something about this!

So I ran by the shop to snap a picture for the blog (and well, pick up a dozen for my friend and me) because everyone in Birmingham needs to know about the melt-in-your-mouth joy of Baby Bites.
They also make specialty flavors like coconut, carrot and strawberry to order by the dozen, but my personal favorite is caramel.
I look for ways to serve these little treasures at every party I design. They’re reason enough to celebrate… and my friend wholeheartedly agrees!


The Dettling's said...

I've never heard of them either. They look divine!

Dawn Ey, Owner and Creative Visionary said...

Stop by the shop @ 1927 29th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35209 or call to place an order. (205) 877-3852. There's no way to truly describe the bliss!

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to baby bites about 4 months ago...and I am ashamed to say that I can eat a dozen in one day..and I go at least once a week...but it has to be the best little piece of cake I have ever tasted. The red velvet are heavenly...It is literally a you have to have more!!!! I used to visit a local bakery regularly..and ever since I had a baby bite..I have not returned to the bakery that I was once faithful to!

-Shellye Mac

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Baby Bites! My favorite is the caramel. I can make myself sick eating them, because I don't want to stop! :)