Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favorite Summer Treat: Lemon Sticks

Since tomorrow is the first day of school for our kids, we thought we'd hold onto to summer a little longer by sharing one of our favorite summer treats - the lemon stick. Sweet and refreshing, they're easy to make and adored by all!

1 Large lemon (halved)
2 Old-fashioned peppermint stick

Insert peppermint stick into the center of the lemon. Squeeze the lemon. Suck on peppermint stick like a straw. The acidic juices will create little tunnels of sugary sweetness in the peppermint stick. Makes two (but you'll need to make many because everyone loves them!)

To serve at parties, nestle inside of a cupcake wrapper or a small children's cup. And be sure to have lots of baby wipes and napkins on hand. Lemon sticks are a little sticky.... but oh so worth it!


Bethany said...

I SO want to try this!! Are those hard peppermint sticks or the soft ones? If they are hard, I have some!! And lemons too!

Dawn Ey, Owner and Creative Visionary said...

We use the soft peppermint sticks... the kind that are similar in texture (but not in taste!) to chalk. The other kind might work too!

Let us know how you like it!

Bethany said...

Thanks!! I will!! But now I have to try to track down soft ones! I bet they are hard to find this time of year!

Dawn Ey, Owner and Creative Visionary said...

You'd be surprised! I got ours at ... I can't believe I'm going to say it (running family joke).... Cracker Barrel.