Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Backyard Camp Out!

Summer is the perfect season for a Camp Out birthday celebration. Whether it’s just a few hours (better for guests under 6-7) or a sleepover (best for 8-12 year olds), all you need is a tent in your backyard for everyone to enjoy the fun. And if the weather won’t cooperate, moving it indoors can be just as exciting for party-goers.

There are so many choices when it comes to invitations. We found the adorable invites and personalized sticker labels on our inspiration board at You can also make your own by folding off-white cardstock into triangles (like a tent) and writing all the details on the back.

For sleepovers, be sure to collect telephone numbers of all the parents before the party just in case you have some guests who find it too difficult to stay all night. Most parents will warn you ahead of time if their child may have trouble, so it's a good idea to develop a "plan of action" for dealing with these children.

Create a camp like atmosphere but setting up your tent in a “remote” location (even consider the basement). Our inspiration board highlights a simple pup tent featured on the blog Earthchicknits. Hang lanterns from poles or string white lights across the camping area. Play a CD of nature sounds which you can get from your local library.

Arrange a few logs to sit on in a half circle or full circle (depending upon the size of your party) around a stone campfire area if local law allows (keep water handy for safety). A manufactured firepit will also do nicely. If your guests aren’t old enough to have a real fire, you can make one by creatively stacking branches on top of a string of red or orange Christmas lights.

"Must have" party activities include:
- Grilling hotdogs
- Making s’mores
- Singing campfire songs
- Telling scary stories
- Stargazing

Flashlights, canteens and personalized lunch boxes (by make great party favors and can be used many times over. Have plenty of sleeping bags and blankets on hand so everyone has a place to relax and settle in after the festivities. For sleepover campouts, make sure an adult is outdoors with the children at all times and most importantly, remain flexible. You may find your party guests enjoy the "thought" of camping out much more than they'll enjoy actually camping out. You might need to move the sleeping portion of the party indoors. Enjoy your camp out and send us your pictures!
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So cute! This makes me want to do a last minute party before our summer is over!! Thanks for the ideas!!