Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cotton Candy Fairy Bites - WOW!

Cotton candy in individual serving sizes?!?! Easy clean up and fun to eat! Sheer genius!

Conversations with a Cupcake recently featured these adorable and easy Cotton Candy Fairy Bites as a Carnivale treat and we can think of a million ways to adapt for any number of birthday party themes.


Brooke said...

OH! Squeal of Delight. I saw you'd joined my site as a follower and thought I'd check you out. I was tickled to see you put my info on your blog. THANK YOU!

I'm posting a button to your site this week. So glad to have found you. Thanks for finding me!!!

Dawn Ey, Owner & Creative Visionary said...

I'm glad to have found you, too! Your ideas are truly creative! I'll definitely be checking in alot!

Dawn Ey, Owner & Creative Visionary said...

Oh and I bought some marshmallows and cotton candy today... I'm going to try it for Easter!

flower1 said...


Adoreable pics!!! I am inspired, thank you!